Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Wedding arches make great reception and ceremony decorations, and they can be made from columns, bamboo or trellises. Lots of wedding arch decoration ideas that will look stunning and make your wedding venue unique to you. The bridal arch serves as a place for the bride and groom to exchange vows and start a new life together. From the simple to the ornate, there are many different wedding arch decoration ideas. Find Ideas and pictures for a magical, classy and unique beach wedding arch decoration!

Beach Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Wedding Arch Decoration

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to draw attention to you and your groom during the ceremony? You don’t need to find a gazebo or create a Chuppah, which can be quite costly. Instead, make an arch of decorative fabric, flowers, vines, or for a really inexpensive design a party store could fabricate one out of balloons. Balloons are so cost effective and come in every color. You can even get metallic and iridescent to create a special look.

Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Bach Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Wedding Arch Decorations with Flowers

Picture of Wedding Arch Decorations

Craft stores have a great selection of silk flower garlands, which with some wire could be made into an arch or wrapped around and existing arch. If you already have an arch in your ceremony design, you can wrap small decorative lights around it to give it a little twinkle.

diy Wedding Arch Decoration

Elegant Wedding Arch Decorations

Wedding Arch Decorations

Backyard Wedding Arch Decorations

If you are looking for a more sturdy design, arches can be rented an come in a variety of materials-you can have carved wood, wrought iron, plastic, and maybe even something fashioned out of a synthetic stone. If you are getting married in your own back yard, you can make this a permanent purchase for your garden and have something specifically sculpted for your day.

Fall Wedding Arch

Fall Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Garden Wedding Arch Decoration

Garden Wedding Arch Decorations

Depending on the material, your arches may not need that much decoration. If you have something carved of stone or wood, there may be beautiful detailing that you don’t want to hide. The same may be true of the iron work. If you want to add some color, add small decorations here and there, but don’t feel that you need to cover every inch of your arch.

Hawaiian Wedding Arch

Hawaiian Wedding Arch Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Arch

Outdoor Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

Like columns or a gazebo, this is just another way to frame the beautiful couple for photos and which just emphasize where everyone’s attention should be!

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